Ajay Shah Design Studio (ASDS) was founded in the year 1990.
The studio designs identities which seamlessly translate from name, graphic identity to interior spaces. We create brand building by scenarios, storytelling and messages which are experienced by a user through interface. We effect change and support the natural progression of brands through fresh thinking, implemented in industrial design, graphics, naming, packaging, interior spaces and environmental design. Our clients benefit from our interdisciplinary design approach through our ability to provide a larger picture of possibilities and positioning. Our scope of services is both broad and deep from an overall branding program, strategy building and communication tools, to product and space design.

A greater whole: ASDS was founded on the premise that a brand has to transfer across all points of interface and experience. Brand building cannot be extracted from its physical and digital manifestation-and both should form a singular whole.

This ideology continues to be our persistent drive towards design and development.

A versatile approach: ASDS's focus is in offering distinctiveness and compelling business stories for our clients. Irrespective of client size, source, site or sector, we seek to collaborate and partner with clients that aspire to build global standard brands.

ASDS is open ended and we do not have specialized verticals or business sectors. We have explored many different sectors both as business professionals and researchers: including product and furniture design, interior/space design, kiosks, graphics, way finding signage design and brand development. This continuous exercise of project gymnastics is very useful because it constantly modifies our design perspective by transferring experiences from one field to another and from one scale to another.

ASDS has developed a business model that enables us to work with a wide variety of clients. Our clients span start-ups,large and small format retailers, hospitality sectors, real estate developers. apparel and merchandisers and product manufacturers.

Our business model: We operate in different business models to maximize and facilitate greater engagements and collaborative partnerships with clients.

Strategic Collaborations: Commissioned based collaboratians with medium and large companies, generallyfocusing on consumer and market strategy/brand building/product design and development and space identities.

Design partnerships: We do story and business building with start-up firms. We partner closely with entrepreneurs where we explore lower design investments and with risk sharing agreements through royalty and equity arrangements.

Self-initiated projects: We pursue product design, playing the role of a designer, producer and retailer through our in-house brands.

Rubberband products is a design initiative ASDS. The brand ideology is towards finding balance between industrially produced series and experimentation. Having an established presence in paper products ( presently retailed across India and in museum design shops in London, New York and Paris ), the new collection will include furniture for the young-in-mind, home, office and personal accessories, pens and pencils. travel and storage products.

The business objective is to position Rubberband products as being design focused and suited for modern living. The Rubberband brand identity and product designs are copyrights of ASDS.


People: We have chosen to keep the studio relatively small, supported by a production team. We often collaborate with other creative specialists such as architects, writers and digital media experts, and are equally happy to join or build a team for a particular project.

Ajay Shah
Principal Designer and Business Director

Born in Mumbai, Ajay was strongly influenced by art which led him to train as a designer at The National Institute of Design where he specialised in furniture design. He founded his design studio 'Circus Design Company' in 1990 and later rechristened it in the year 2002 to Ajay Shah Design Studio ( ASDS ). He founded Exemplar Systems Private Limited in 1995 towards manufacture of furniture where he currently serves as the director. He also founded 'Rubberband Products' in 2007.

The Team

Mikhall Vaishnav
The Catalyst

Venu Ravindranath
Senior Graphic Designer

Anil Parmar
Senior Graphic Designer

Shefali Agarwal
Senior Graphic Designer

3D Visualize

Vinod Shridharan
Interior & Space Designer

Sunil Coutinho
Industrial Designer

Bipin Gala
Studio Manager and Admin

41F, Regal Cinema Building, 1st Floor, Northern Side, Apollo Bunder
Pier, Mumbai 400 001, India T : +91 22 64512487,
E : admin@asdswow.com